We’re not sure how we got dragged into the mess that happened at the other end of the Mississippi River a month ago, but here we are. 

A righteous protest that started with the death of a gasping George Floyd under the knee of a sinister Minneapolis cop has now set its sights on our state flag. That indefensible 8 minutes, 46 seconds has caused a climate of change across the country, where progressives — who, ironically, seem to be stuck in the past — are using the crisis to try to create the Utopia they’ve always envisioned. 

It’s only one of the symbols that certain groups — mostly opportunistic politicians, marketing-minded businesspeople and audience-oriented program directors — are looking to wipe out, even though it won’t change our history and will only cause more resentment and division. 

Everything they don’t like about our country is getting caught in the crossfire of what is purportedly their mission to end police brutality. We’re not sure what our state flag had to do with any of it, but the battle lines have been drawn and it’s on the chopping block now.

Five years ago, when two Hattiesburg police officers (one white, one black) were killed, the community galvanized and showed how they “Back The Blue” like never before. When a local woman posted an offensive remark about the police on Facebook, she was fired by her employer. Fast forward to the Floyd death last month. When a Jones County Sheriff’s Department employee posted an offensive remark in support of the police, he too was fired immediately.

The response to both seemingly polar opposite viewpoints was remarkably similar: “You have freedom of speech, but you don’t have freedom from consequences for your free speech.”

That same statement applies to state flag supporters: You are free to wave the flag, but you aren’t free from the consequences of waving that flag.

It’s been spelled out pretty clearly what those consequences will be — no SEC tournaments or championships, no NCAA tournaments or championships, no major industry or businesses locating here, etc.

Yes, our state is being forced into submission. Just as in the War Between The States, surrender is sometimes the most pragmatic solution to help sustain some semblance of victory. 

Flag supporters should propose some way of preserving it instead of having the mob decide its fate. Maybe a history lesson could be included with the display. 

Or we can shoot ourselves defending another Lost Cause.

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