Most, if not all of us remember the story of the boy who cried wolf to alert the villagers that his flock was in danger, only to find there was no wolf lurking. Eventually, the villagers stopped listening to the boy who cried wolf. And, eventually, the wolf did show up and decimated the flock.

The “villagers” in the fable of racism, now, is President Donald Trump. No matter what he says, no matter how or what message he delivers to the masses, he is characterized as a racist by his political opponents. Why? Because it still works and is impossible to disprove.

During the latter stages of his run for U.S. Senate in November, candidate Chris McDaniel of Ellisville addressed his being labeled in many circles as a racist. “They say these things because it is the scarlet letter than cannot be disproven. If someone accuses me of stealing 10 million dollars, I can disprove that pretty easily. If someone accuses me of being a racist, how can I disprove something that cannot be substantiated? They know that. They throw it out there because it sticks.”

So it doesn’t matter that during his State of the Union address, Donald Trump highlighted criminal justice reform and singled out two people of color who had terribly long prison sentences handed down for non-violent drug offenses alleviated because of him. It didn’t matter that he pointed to unemployment numbers among African-Americans and Hispanics — the two largest minorities in the United States — that are at historic lows. 

The left seized on Trump’s insistence on building a barrier on the Southern border that would help every American. Legal immigration is through the roof and that is all anyone is asking for — come to our country the right way and be a part of something special.

As much as the anti-Trump forces hate to admit it, things in America — the real fabric of America — are pretty darn good. The economy is roaring, the country is being respected again and decades of being taken advantage of by other countries with unfair trade policies and the like are over. The Democrats, instead of actually embracing a newfound renaissance of the American spirit, just go back to the same tired playbook — racism. Why? Re-read McDaniel’s quote: “because it sticks.”

Issue for issue, there is no way the Democrats can compete with Trump’s vision of America. They have nothing to offer other than division and opposition. And when that fails, they go back to the old tried and true. The Democrats are a vacuous party. 

Thankfully, Americans are becoming wise to it and the “racism” adhesive that has worked for so long is beginning to fade. When people watch and digest what the president said in his State of the Union address and juxtapose that against the cries of it being a racist speech, well, the “villagers” are ceasing to listen.

Keep on moving forward, Mr. President. 

And keep on cackling, Democrats. The people are becoming wise to your nonsense.

Thumbs up

To seven students athletes at West Jones High School who signed National Letters of Intent on Wednesday to play sports in college. Work hard, the sky is the limit.

Thumbs down

To the keyboard warriors who berate high school athletes — 17 and 18 years old — for the school they choose, on what is supposed to be a time of celebration for them and their families. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot. Shameful. 

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