What have we learned from this senate cycle?

The best candidate in the race, at least for conservative Mississippians, should be planning to go to work in Washington, D.C. For conservatives in a state that claims to want to drain the swamp, there really was only one candidate to choose — Chris McDaniel.

He spoke his mind freely, answered every question posed to him and has not altered on his conservative principles one iota since his discovery of Ronald Reagan as a youth. 

But he was unacceptable to the party bosses who continue to run the swamp. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did tell Phil Bryant “anyone but McDaniel.” Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour and his gang of Establishment swamp creatures did do everything in their very powerful fingers to get their hand-picked candidate into office. And the people in this state fell for it.

Is Cindy Hyde-Smith really who we want representing us in the Senate? Everyone who raised their hand, well, you better stop right now in your claims of wanting to drain the swamp. She is the swamp.

Oh, we know, “What about the Trump endorsement?” Pure swamp politics, proving that even the president has been affected. 

Hyde-Smith is one of the worst candidates ever on the ballot. She is gaffe-prone, if not clueless to public opinion. She cowers from answering not only tough questions, but softball questions. She has no desire to represent the “drain the swampers,” but to represent what the bosses tell her to represent.

And, sadly, she might have been the best of the remaining two candidates standing. Mike Espy for all of his across-the-aisle, Kumbaya racial reconciliation chatter, is a tax-and-spend liberal most associated with the Clinton political machine. He is ethically challenged to say the least and has had some high-paying gigs with some really questionable folks.

On Tuesday, our choices were a Clinton crony or a coward. We went with the coward, to show exactly how much disdain the voters have for the Clintons and their cronies.

Thankfully, Hyde-Smith will only be in office for two years to finish retired Sen. Thad Cochran’s seventh term. Maybe then the people of this state will be serious about draining the swamp, because they sure as hell aren’t serious now.

If these two — Chicken Hide-Smith and Mike “Hillary” Espy — are the best candidates we have for such an important office, we are much more worse off than we thought.

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