The moment state Sen. Chris McDaniel knew his second bid for the U.S. Senate would not be successful was when President Trump threw his support behind Cindy Hyde-Smith. Boom. Over.

Publicly, McDaniel had to fight on. But there is something about The Trump Effect that so many don’t seem to conceptualize. If he endorses you, you will win, McDaniel has said.

Nothing is 100 percent, but the power of Trump’s endorsement is overwhelming. 

On Friday, the president had a rally in Tupelo. He endorsed the state’s GOP ticket — including Republican swamp creature Tate Reeves — in his bid for governor. Reeves is terribly unlikable with the personality of a slab of granite. He is running against Jim Hood, a traditional Democrat, more in the line of JFK than today’s current Democrat party, and the only Democrat state elected official.

McDaniel predicted a fairly easy victory for Reeves. 

Would he have won without Trump’s endorsement? Did the president put him over the top? We will find out on Tuesday.

Eleven days after Mississippi elects its governor, the state of Louisiana will elect either incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards or Republican Eddie Rispone.

Much like Reeves, Rispone is a terribly flawed candidate. He is part H. Ross Perot, part Ron Paul and part Strom Thurmond. 

Edwards is favored to win, but...

Before his Tupelo appearance, Trump traveled to Lake Charles, La., for a rally for the Republican Rispone. Thousands of people clogged a basketball arena. Hundreds if not thousands more were outside the arena, unable to fit inside. The president could make another trip to Louisiana to try to dispose of the Democrat incumbent.

The Louisiana election is Saturday, Nov. 16. Will the Trump Effect pull off a major upset in the Pelican State? Will McDaniel’s theory prove infallible?

As you watch The Trump Effect in rallies, remember that at the same time a rogue opposition party is continuing its efforts to overthrow the president of the United States over absolutely nothing. All Trump has done is turn around a stale economy for everyone, given a rebirth to the notion of America’s greatness in the world and kept promises he made in the campaign. He also has shown himself to be the biggest threat to the Establishment Washington, even though he does maintain a working relationship with them out of necessity.. He has proved himself to be a man of his word, standing up for the working people against corruption and Establishment politics.

Democrats will pay dearly in the 2020 election. The constant assault against the president for the entirety of his first term will lead to a blowout. 

The Trump Effect is real and it is powerful.

Don’t believe us? Ask Chris McDaniel.

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