Two sheriff’s deputies are sitting in a patrol vehicle. A man comes up to the passenger-side window, appearing to just be walking along. In an instant, the same man pulls out a gun and starts firing, severely injuring the two law enforcement officials. 

The officers are taken to the hospital, where throngs of protesters arrive. That could have been a good thing, to protest the senseless shooting of two innocent, working folks. Protesters coming together to say, “Enough is enough, the violence has to stop!”

Yet these protesters are chanting “We hope you f---ing die!” Others warn that this is just the beginning and other officers better watch out, more will get shot, more will be killed.

Media coverage is sporadic, if at all, proving again that today’s national coverage is agenda-driven. The shooting doesn’t fit the narrative. No NFL players wear the names of the officers on their jerseys. No Hollywood A-listers come to their defense. No moments of silence. Crickets.

Like most everyone else, we want to live in a world of peace. But it is disingenuous to yell from the rooftops that “silence is violence,” then turn silent when the shooting does not fit a certain political narrative. This does not — and will not — work. Ever.

Pray for those officers to recover. Pray God has mercy on the souls of the sinner who perpetrated this act. Pray it never happens here. And, please, pray for those who promise more death, more killings of innocents, because “they know not what they do.”.

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