Complaining about the state of politics is as old as politics itself, especially on a local level. There are a million critics out there, but only a select few who will actually put their hat into the ring to do something about it.

We liken it to being a referee. Inside the stadium, there are hundreds of referees, but only a handful wearing the stripes. It’s the same with politics. It is a lot easier to say, “they are bums!” than it is to do something to make things better.

This election year is sure to be one of the wildest in memory, both on a local and state level. Offices from supervisor to sheriff to constable to judge will be on the ballot. And in Jones County, there is no shortage of those who believe there should be a change, in some offices more than others.

For those who still hold on to aspirations of actually wanting to make a difference, the clock is ticking. The Leader-Call for weeks now has been running Saturday stories updating readers on candidates who have filed for certain offices. On March 2, we will have what likely will be our final list, as the qualifying deadline is March 1.

There are officeholders who have been entrenched for too long. That is not up for debate. Some of them should be sent walking, but it will take qualified candidates who are loyal servants of their constituents, not riding an ego trip into county domination. It will take good people — honest people — to provide the governance we all deserve.

So, if you are sick of riding on bumpy roads or listening  to department heads bemoaning their funding — or lack thereof — then decide to make a difference. There is still time, but you better get moving quickly. 

Just like we dislike the armchair quarterbacks and bleacher referees, we also are not fans of those who will complain about the state of government, but are unwilling to at least try to make a difference.

What do you say? Do you have the backbone for it?

Better hit the pavement quick. Time is ticking away.

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