How many of you were transfixed in 2015-16 when Donald Trump blazed his way through a crowded field of Republicans? Remember how no matter what we thought of him, we were transfixed? He was so different from the rest. We didn’t know what to do.

On that crowded stage was every form of Establishment Republican. Jeb Bush — who oozed Establishment privilege became the poster-child for whom Trump — and the people — were against.

How many of us are just tired of it all? The shenanigans? The backroom deals? Do you not hate it? If you don’t hate it, you are part of the problem of a political system that has gone off the corruption cliff. Their club where they carve up the money, pay favors, play blackmail games and live lavishly on the backs of us — the hard-working people of America, has to end.

Have you ever thought how much someone like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spends our money? It is sickening. And this is not partisan, either. This is rage against all of them. Mitch McConnell, the turtle, is the epitome of a swamp creature. He wheels and deals his way into favors and riches. The goal for those in the swamp is to hoodwink enough people to continue to send them back to the swamp.

Those charged with watching and scrutinizing their largesse — national media — have neglected terribly their responsibility. Corporations own media outlets and those corporations have special interests in Washington. The media has been co-opted as nothing more than a tool for the Establishment, Democrat-controlled system. The relationship worked great, until…

This outsider — a TV star — vows to actually end it. He caught Americans’ imaginations and rallied his way through nearly 20 Republican contenders. He had never held public office — and those who wanted the swamp drained loved it.

In the general election, he faced the queen of the swamp Hillary Clinton. In her world — the Establishment world — it was her turn, and the people would respond accordingly.

As state after state was called for Trump, the media melted down. The Establishment melted down — on both sides — with the realization that this outsider had actually done it. Note: Forget every word you hear about Hillary and the popular vote. If popular votes won it all, the only thing a candidate would have to do is turn out New York City and Los Angeles. The Electoral College system was designed to give all states, no matter the size, a voice.

That voice spoke loud and clear. What he wanted to do we were on board with. Solve illegal immigration, get our economy going, appoint commonsense judges and change the political direction of this country forever — to actually pulling the plug of the swamp. 

And it is being stolen from us.

Since the day he beat Hillary, he has been under an attack the likes of which not one of us could withstand. Most of us would delete our social media with one-millionth of what he has had to endure in order to keep the promises that he made to the American people and is actually delivering on. What he is doing should not shock anyone, he laid it out crystal clear — and then body-slammed Hillary.

No one said this fight would be easy. Imagine jumping into the swamp with snakes and alligators at every turn. This is their property. This is their club. You — the people — are no longer welcome. To keep this club, those snakes and gators will do anything no matter how desperate to keep it from being further exposed and then destroyed.

So, take all of this nonsense — the secret hearings, corruption, collusion, porn stars, Ukraine, Russia, Putin — with less than a grain of salt. All this is is a distraction — the latest distraction — in a desperate attempt to force the president out of office. It’s all a smokescreen created by a political apparatus to overturn what the majority of this country voted for.

So fight on, Mr. President!

The voters have your back.

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