As President Donald Trump sits in Vietnam trying to broker a peace deal with the North Koreans, the Democrat Party is putting on display what we should expect for the next two years ... well, let’s make that six years.

The derangement shown toward the president from the opposition party is bordering on lunacy. Don’t forget that for two years all we have heard from Democrats is that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. A special counsel has worked for nearly two years on uncovering that collusion.

It is becoming apparent to all — it has been to many for a long, long time — that the reason Donald Trump won the election had nothing to do with Russia. His election had to do with the people being sick and tired of politics as usual in Washington coupled with one of the most corrupt, flawed, miserable challengers in political history. 

The two-year Russia investigation has been nothing by a smokescreen to get Trump’s base to abandon him. Democrats will chip away at that support with a never-ending string of investigations and hearings to take the people’s minds off what is actually happening in America. For if the people become educated to the strides made in the economy, peace on the Korean Peninsula and trying to get an out-of-control immigration system in check, the likelihood of Democrats taking back the presidency in 2020 will disappear.

In the next weeks, it has been reported, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will deliver his two-year report. Already, high-ranking Democrats are saying they will launch more hearings and investigations — no matter what Mueller finds. 

This is what we should expect for the next two years. Democrats will continue to undermine the president and the 65 million people who voted for him for the highest office in the land. They will stand in the way of an economic boom. They will throw up every roadblock imaginable, with fleeting hopes of reclaiming power.

We are living in a political soap opera, with each week bringing in new characters and story lines. And then we have the president, who shakes off every plot twist, every new character and made-up scandal and continues to deliver on the same promises that got him into the office in the first place.

Keep this up, Democrats, and you are ensuring Trump’s re-election in 2020. 

So keep it up! Six more years!

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