About twice per year, we like to remind the kind, nice, taxpaying folks of this community the inherent danger we all face with an absolutely out-of-control, irresponsible spending binge in Washington, D.C. Forget illegal immigration or social policies, the greatest threat to our union — as we have said for years — will be the national debt.

When the economy is struggling, our “leaders” spend. When the economy is great, our “leaders” spend. At one time, there was actual concern — or at least feigned concern — for our spending spree. But nary a word can be heard now about spending and debt. Even as the national debt eclipsed $22 trillion — an unfathomable number. 

We wish the federal government would take a road trip to the Town of Sandersville and learn a few things. When everything was rosy in Sandersville, the leaders there didn’t spend exponentially. No, they put that money away for when the bloom was off the rose. When that happened, the town tightened its belts even more, but also had the cushion from the good days as a safety net.

But not our federal government. No, money comes in and money goes out — at an alarming rate.

In mid-summer, Congress will debate raising the debt ceiling — again. There will be a few calls of dire consequences without a raise in the debt ceiling. There will be predictions of doom and gloom. And, at the 11th hour, a deal will be struck to raise the debt limit to, say, $26 trillion. It will come with this caveat: “This is the last time we will do this!”

Both sides are to blame. Democrats would tax you 110 percent if they could and Republicans pretend they want to get spending under control, but they don’t. The more pork they distribute, the more likely they will get elected. The broken Congress is spending us right into a third-world country.

Consider this: In the 10 minutes it took to write this editorial, the national debt rose by $12 million, according to usdebtclock.org.


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