You have spoken, and we have quickly answered.

As loyal readers noticed in the Aug. 15 edition of the Leader-Call, we introduced a slimmed-down version of our comics and puzzles page. We did this to try to provide quality over quantity. We secured the Beetle Bailey comic, along with a conservative-leaning Mallard Fillmore, in hopes that it would bring a chuckle for the readers.

The comics and puzzles pages come from national syndications, with some having more to offer than others. Management here picked and chose what we thought would be the best fit for you, the most loyal readers on the planet.

And, judging by the emails and telephone calls, we were wrong. Terribly wrong.

Our readers wanted the comics page as it was. Frank and Ernest, Thatababy and Moderately Confused were, after all, popular among our subscribers. We found out that there are a lot of readers who thoroughly enjoy the bridge column. Many pined for the datebook — listing historical dates, birthdays, phases of the moon and lucky numbers. 

We discovered that our readers loved the horoscope we had been using for years, not the “new and improved” horoscope we published. 

Starting today on Pages 6 and 7, we are returning to our former puzzles and comics page in its complete form. The pages will remain this way into the future.

In coming to this easy decision, we had to smile. What? Smile? Yes. We smiled because the readers of the Leader-Call are not only the most loyal of any town or city in America, but you also follow our mantra — tell it like it is. You could have sat back and stewed in anger at our changes. But, no, you took it to us — just as we take it to public officials when it is needed. There is no sense sitting on our hands when things bother us, right? 

As many people who decry this newspaper for various stories and headlines, most of them simply don’t take the time to understand our coverage. We exemplify the notion of “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.” We will continue to carry that mantle as long as we publish a newspaper.

As we found out, you, the readers, carry with you that mantra of not being scared, not backing down and letting us know when you are not happy. For that, we thank you from our publisher on down.

We hope you enjoy the “new” yet “old” comics and puzzles pages. We thank you for your readership and your loyalty. We will strive to get better and better each day. With your help — and phone calls — we know we all will succeed.

Grab a pencil — the crossword puzzle on Page 6 is waiting for you!

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