What will be the cliff-moment for the woke, cancel-cultural lunacy we are living in today. Taking on Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head didn’t work, as the rabid, loud-mouthed, radical left wing mowed over those American icons as if they were riding in a Sherman tank. People and/or entities that say or write something that’s unpopular to a very small, hyper-sensitive, radical segment of our society continue to be ruined.

Now it is Major League Baseball that has leaped to a “woke” conclusion about a voting law in Georgia that few people actually read, apparently. It doesn’t matter what might be included in the text, but enough people have said it is rotten, so it must be. Corporate shills then capitulate on bended knee in hopes that they will appease the mob that is the radical, woke, left wing. 

Because of a law that will be examined more thoroughly in upcoming opinion pieces, pro baseball pulled the All-Star game out of Atlanta. Never mind that other states still have more restrictive Voter ID laws. Some of them are already firmly under the control of the Democrat Party, so there was no need to go after them. But Georgia is a swing state, so those in power now are trying to put it in their corner forever.

Could MLB be the proverbial straw that destroyed the woke camel? We are not holding our breath. The radicals are moving with lightning speed. No one will ever be safe from their wrath if it is not destroyed in the arena of ideas. For their arena is vacant, other than boycotts, cancellations and cries of incessant racism.


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