Just this week, we’ve had no less than 4 different incidents of people harming children. What the Hell is happening, and the more important question: Why are we letting it happen?

Once upon a time, a community or a neighborhood would run these kinda perverts out of town before they could even so much as look at a child, but now? We’re too buried in our devices and manufactured dramas to even see the horrors of the world around us. I very much enjoyed Mr. Torske’s meeting this past Thursday night, and it’s very important to be petitioning the government for change, but what we also need is to petition ourselves for change. There needs to be more direct involvement in communities down to the neighborhood level, a return to the community watch.

Fathers and husbands need to return to being keepers and protectors of the community, and mothers and wives as the caretakers. Especially with COVID, we all sit huddled in our homes, completely detached from others.

The demons that lurk on our streets can easily be kept at bay and even driven out, but only if good upstanding people are there to stand against them. We don’t have to live like this, we don’t have to wake up and fear to turn on the news or check the paper, mortified at what macabre horror will be printed this week.

The monsters who prey on kids are emboldened because of our inaction, but we can make them afraid again.

Tyler Bickham


Give Harris chance to redecorate again

People have been giving Kamala Harris a hard time about her accomplishments. Even the anchor of one of the fake news channels ask her when she was going to the border. She replied I have already been there. He came back with “no you haven’t been to the border.” She immidiately let out a big cackle and said “I haven’t been to Euorpe either.”

When I voted for her, “wink, wink” and I expected great wonders and she has accomplished some of them. First she did go to Europe and also redecorated her office. After all she has only been in office one year.

What do people expect, Im sure she will do something great next year. She might even decide to redecorate her office again so give her a chance

Ott Martin


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