While they are transporting all those Afghans over here to our air bases I’m sure they will go through an orientation process.

The majority of them were helping us because they were getting paid. I know they were promised safety for themselves and their families. I have no problem with that. I would hate to see them left to be killed especially the children.

Before they scatter them out to all the red states where the democrats are weakest during orientation they should tell them that if a crime is comitted in this country they will be sent back to face the taliban. There are already afghans in Europe and they are comitting crimes such as raping 12 and 13 year old girls among other.

This seems to be a common practice in Afghanistan plus forcing 12 year olds into marriage. I thought since Harris has already completed her mis- sion as “Czar of the Border.”

Maybe Biden could talk her out of “Czar of Vietnam” and taking the position of “Czar of Afghanistan.” She couldn’t do a much worst job than Biden and his Generals. Besides that she needs some practice since she will be our next president, probably soon. At least we will know when she lays an egg because we will hear her cackle. Heaven forbid “woe is us.”

Ott Martin


Suggested viewing for Joe Biden

Two movies Joe Biden should watch — Red Dawn and The Killing Fields. Red Dawn is our south border. Killing Fields could still happen in Afganastain. But he would only fall asleep.

Thomas Maute


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