I call on someone in our Legislature to introduce a bill that would have “enhance penalty” for killing or harming an animal that’s a “registered” mascot. Cousin Wiley said: “Ocean Springs” is the home town of “Walter Anderson.” Walter would have water colored “Carl” for sure. “Walter” and “Carl” had a lot in common and it’s something you can not explain. Neither on e of them can be replaced!

P.S. At first when I read about “Carl” I said this and that about the one who killed him. Then I asked the Lord to forgive me.

The Lord says pray for someone who does evil. The say let the courts handle it. But we need more teeth in the law.

F. Handel Craft

Shady Grove

Time to strike deeper into heart of the beast

Well Praise Jesus, that’s all I can say in the wake of the SCOTUS leak signaling an end to almost 50 years of the Satanic ritual that is abortion, but this ain’t the end: This is just the beginning. Now begins the time to start striking deeper into the heart of the Beast. As I said in October, do not allow Pro-Baby Killers to frame this as an assault on women’s rights, because its not, its an assault on the evil that perverts this nation. Something I have been trying to get people to realize as of late is that nothing we do matter’s in the long run if we don’t protect our children. Whether it be the corrupt Marxist elements infesting our schools or the industry that’s been manufactured to corrupt our teens and young adults into a life of hook up culture that ultimately fuels the abortion industry.

Overturning Roe v Wade is just the beginning of us taking back the soul of this country and setting it on a better path for the next generation. They wont let it go without a fight, as I type this Godless and unwashed Antifa types are threatening sitting judges outside their homes (as spineless Republican governors, namely Glen Youngkin, refuse to have them arrested). This will get uglier and it will get uglier fast, but God willing, we will win, but only if we have the courage to fight for whats right.

Tyler Bickham


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