The situation on the “Southside” of Laurel has become extremely vandalistic and destructive when a property owner expresses a genuine interest in the City of Laurel enforcing its zoning and planning ordinances pertaining to businesses in the residential area.

That is to say, in the early evening of Wednesday, Oct. 13 — around 7 p.m. — within a window of about 20 minutes, the victim’s vehicle parked briefly on Sandy T. Gavin Avenue between Monroe Street and Jackson Street, was entirely spray-painted with green paint, causing several hundred dollars damage, thus making the vehicle unsafe to drive.

Considering the very brief period that the victim had been at the site, ostensibly, the culprit(s) had been sur- veilling the vehicle for the opportune moment.

There is a growing trend in Black enclaves where long-established seniors and law-abiding citizens are being badgered, browbeat, intimidated and vandalized for attempting to sustain and uphold good acceptable standards in the community.

The writer was told, “People are scared to say anything. They disagree but go along to get along. The “Southside” is from Jefferson Street south between South Fourth Avenue on the east — to include Harvest Quarters — and South Maple Street on the west down to Johnson Street on the south.

As the senior population on the “Southside” declines, disintegration of acceptable standards increases leading to violence, vandalism and destruction.

Harvey Warren

Laurel Roads in county being maintained?

Jones County Board of Supervisors decrease 2022 budget due to their “outstanding” work maintaining the conditions of the Jones County roads. Really? I live in beat 4 of Jones County after spending 21 years in the military and being stationed in numerous 3rd world countries who seem to be able to maintain their roads in better condition than our own Jones County.

When did our supervisors drive the potholed roads of beat 4 and navigate the patchwork of rough “repairs” made periodically? I have written to all of the Jones County Supervisors regarding our deplorable road conditions and have never had the courtesy of a reply.

A short time ago, the beat 4 supervisor redirected a portion of his budget to assist the city of Ellisville in road repairs, but he can’t afford to take care of the residents that live in the rural part of his county. How shameful! I urge everyone to take a drive down Augusta Rd., Tower Rd., Cook Rd. or numerous others in beat 4 and see the neglect our county is giving to our land owners and tax payers of Jones County. If I were one of the 4 county supervisors, I’d be ashamed to place my name next to the title of County Supervisor.

Bob Cox


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