I feel that some clarification is inorder before continuing with my composition: In place of the terms “mother,” “father” and “parents” in this missive I will substitute “female,” “sperm donor” and “Reproducing Couple” to refer to the two subjects of the recent news story. This decision results from my feeling that it would be insult- ing to responsible mothers, fathers and loving parents to use those same labels in referring to these two individuals...

Upon reading the latest sickening account of a pregnant female abusing dangerous drugs while pregnant, it occurred to me that the sperm donor referenced in the story might be onto something. It was reported in the news story that he asked, in response to a question in court, if he should “get down on the concrete so you can kick me?”

After careful consideration, it occurs to me that nothing much currently in use appears to be working to stop the practice of potential reproducing couples endangering the innocent lives of their unborn by using drugs before and after conception. It might be that “encouragement” of a more physical nature is warranted and should be considered. I realize that much of the type of “adult-administered disciplinary action” that individuals of my age group often experienced while growing up has fallen out of favor. However, I have discovered that, oftentimes when new and “advanced” techniques are not working to solve a continuing problem, returning to the tried- and-true methods of the past has been known to produce satisfactory results.

Having never been inclined to become involved with the “recreational” use of drugs, I cannot envision what apparently is sofascinating about trying it the firsttime, especially in light of all the evidence we have currently as to what the likely results will be. Perhaps there was a time when no one much knew the potential adverseeffects of abusing drugs, but withthe overwhelming body of evidence presently, it is hard to believe most

people don’t know better. Yet, the problem persists. Considering all this, were I the individual to whom the aforementioned sperm-donor had directed his question, I would be inclined to answer emphatically, “Yes, I would like to kick the both of you!” Maybe things might have turned out better if someone had kicked some sense into them nine or ten months ago.

Fred Pittman Ellisville

Truth will rise again

Sean, maybe I was a little harsh in my criticism of your Yankee views. You, like everyone else in this country, are a product of our education system, be it public, private, parochial or home schooling, as they all have the same or similar textbooks. We know that winners of wars write its history. Unfortunately the South lost, and we are stuck with the results. Additionally, you are much younger than I, and the anti-South bias seems to prog- ress each year.

I graduated from George S. Gardiner in Laurel in 1954. Yes, Sean,it was segregated. That year the Supreme Court issued its desegregation ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education. It was Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, not Tupelo, Mississippi. The Court even distinguished between dejure and defacto segregation. Dejure, which was practiced throughout the South, and even in some Northern states, such as Kansas, was outlawed, while de-facto segregation in the North was not. Years later, it took bussing to bring the blessing of integration to Northern big cities, such as Boston.

Kansas was home of the infamous Redlegs and Jayhawkers, who preyed upon innocent civilians in Missouri prior to and during
the War, which resulted in Frank and Jesse James joining Bloody Bill Anderson’s guerrillas, in fact and in “The Outlaw Josie Wales” in

I was not taught that the South was right in high school, JCJC and Ole Miss. Yes, in all, I was taught that slavery was a contributing factor. I had to read on my own outside of school to learn the truth.Even so, I am confident that I wasnot taught that the South was terrible nor was it portrayed as such in Hollywood movies, especiallyWesterns, in the 40’s and 50’s. Infact, there was a short lived TV series about John Singleton Mosby, titled “The Grey Ghost” in 1957- 1958.

Beginning in my high school years and up to the present I have studied Southern authors who have written about and presented the truth. That is why I have left books for you with the receptionist at the Leader-Call, and will continue to do so. Many people of the South, especially the younger ones, accept uncritically the brainwash- ing they receive in the education system, as did your friend from South Carolina who praised you for your stand against our stateflag.

As our President Jefferson Davis said, “Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again.”
Carl Ford

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