Paraphrasing Laurel and Hardy, “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” Who? Me? Him, her, who? How are we responsible for this mess?

We let our elected officials act as though this is not their problem and they don’t want to be bothered with it. It is their problem, because they are the ones we elected to take care of it. People have been asking for some strict regulation on this for years. The only thing the elected officials showed any interest in was dog fighting and rooster fighting. Yes, that was important, but so is this.

If you are not a licensed breeder you don’t need to be breeding dogs or cats. If you are a breeder you need to be licensed by the state, county or city that you do business in. If you are a pet owner you should be required to license your pet in the county or city in which you live and have them spayed, neutered and chipped. That’s the solution to the problem and anyone found not abiding by it should be hit with a hefty fine. Repeat offenders should get jail time.

You need a score card to keep up with the what’s been reported by SCAR, Sheriff Hodge, HSUS, The Laurel Leader-Call, Face- book comments, etc. I won’t even get into the he said, she said, they said.

There was food there to feed the animals, we know that from the photos. We don’t know when or where all of it was purchased and when the last time was that the animals were fed, watered, cages cleaned, let outside in a run or walked on a leash. You will never convince me that they ordered all this food and made all these preparations for shelter just to torture and abuse these animals.

There must have been a vision somewhere of using the land and other items located on the property to draw people to the “theme park” in hopes of finding homes for these animals and a means to get even more funds to care for them.

After viewing the video posted on the HSUS website it left me even more confused. Are the Sennes being accused of intentionally starving, maming and otherwise disfiguring these animals? The video makes it sound as though this couple was outside everyday cleaning and polishing the Carousel, London bus, a caboose and other inanimate objects. Perhaps to draw attention away from them deliberately abusing animals.

I sincerely doubt that this elderly couple did any of this intentionally. They are apparently not from this area and don’t have a base of family and friends to turn to in a time of need. He suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s and who knows what physical and mental condition Mrs. Senne’s health is in. Ask any caregiver about the toll this takes on their health when they care for a loved one. Not only is Mrs. Senne left to care for her husband, the animals, the doctor appointments, paying the bills associated with being a property owner, mowing the grass, purchasing food for humans and animals, etc.

Were there other people employed to help this couple? Were they the only two caring for all of this by themselves, assuming Mr. Sennes could still help care for anything. It broke my heart to see the animals in the video in the condition they were in, but it also broke my heart to see these two elderly people handcuffed and being led into court. When was he diagnosed and how long has this fallen on just her shoulders?

Who did they ask for help? Was there anyone they could call on? Did they ask any of the shelters for help to alleviate the number of animals they were trying to care for. Were there follow up visits by shelters placing animals there? Where is the veterinarian(s) used by the Sennes? Where was the help for these people and the animals they wanted the best for? Where is the help now?

There’s so many unanswered question about this travesty. I wish I had known about the Sennes and the animals. I wish a call had been sent out for volunteers to help clean and care for these babies, and to let Mrs. Senne care for her husband, before someone was arrested for animal cruelty.

As John Quinones would say on “What Would You Do?” So, what would you have done if you had known, and what will you do now that you do know?

If you’re not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

B. Anderson


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