I am writing on behalf of the Sennes. First off, these people love animals. I have personally seen Mrs. Senne at the vet’s office on numerous times with some of these animals.

I have also seen Mrs. Senne several times at Walmart buys tons of dog and cat food. The Sennes have helped SCAR in the past, so why couldn’t SCAR help them instead of investigating them and turning them in to the law.

SCAR should have seen there was a problem with this couple growing old and having health/mental issues. Alex Hodge should have never allowed handcuffs being placed on the Sennes and also making them wear jail clothes. Mr. Senne is a retired colonel who was a recipient of the Purple Heart! How degrading and humiliating to this couple.

I want to thank Jim Cegielski and the Leader-Call reporters for a job well done in reporting these facts and not backing down! Thank y’all so much.

L. Myrick


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