It seems as though about half of the people want to be able to abort a baby right up to the time for it to be born.  I’m in the half that believes there should be no abortions except in the case of rape, incest, or to protect the mother.  On the other hand about half of the people want to let half of the prison population out.  That’s the same half that wants to abort babies.  

To please everyone let’s take all the killers and rapists and carry them to the abortion clinics and every time a doctor aborts a baby let them abort one of them.  That would make the abortion doctors happy because they love to abort.  I figure there must be at least one hundred abortion doctors so the prison population would be cut in half in no time.  Thats the best way to do it because you see what happened in Memphis if you let them free on the street.  If they need some more we will be glad to furnish them.

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