Is America witnessing an unbelievable and agonizing dysfunction in history? Seemingly hate has become normal, acceptable and even electable. Agape is the only meaningful alternative to hate and bigotry.

POTUS expresses concerns about respecting the flag. Is disrespecting the flag acting clownishly as he (POTUS) did at his Super Bowl party as the National Anthem was playing, maybe, pardoning convicted felons in the Russian probe and/or directly or indirectly receiving billions of dollars from the stimulus package, while those in need now wait. Are these honorable examples of respecting the flag?

I’ve been blessed to live long enough to realize, nothing in this life is ever all and that most individuals fear that which that they don’t know. Even as a Democrat, I too disagree with stealing,(embezzling) vandalizing and looting. These acts are equally unlawful, whether someone is wearing saggy pants and using a crowbar, or by someone wearing a suit and using the wicked pen. As for me, I believe in the power of selective buying of that business to which I disagree.

All small children are the benefactors of America’s joy and pain, whether they eat sandwiches from a TV tray and live in a socially challenged environment, or they eat caviar and live in gated community. My concern, what are these formative minds absorbing from within the walls of their homes?

As a society and live in this House, (The World) must remember the words of the late U.S Representative John Lewis, “say something, do something, get in good trouble, VOTE”

Johnny Harper


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