I’m disappointed in Jim’s Op-Ed on Saturday, Oct 26. Before SPECULATING about corruption, talk to the parties involved (in this case, Mayor Magee and Joey Davis). If your questions are not answered at all or the answers are questionable, THEN perhaps the door is opened for speculation. However, starting with your speculations without any facts gives fuel to the fire for your critics that you are a tabloid rather than a newspaper. I appreciate a media outlet like yours that desires to root out / expose political corruption and hold our elected / appointed officials accountable. I would guess that you / your staff can find plenty with good investigative reporting. There is no need to tarnish your reputation with pure speculation based on a few stray “facts”. These facts in Op-Ed may give you concern, but that should lead you to investigate, not throw out accusations and see what happens. 

Get back to investigating and save speculating until all major parties involved are not forthcoming when questioned. Full disclosure... Joey Davis is my son-in-law. I do not know Mayor Magee personally.

Jason Jones


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