My wife and I moved Laurel around the 1st of July but I have been here since the mid June. I pick up one of your papers every now and then and I have read a lot about the sheriff. I don’t know the whole story but I once lived in a community where the local newspaper spent a lot of time vilifying one of the city councilmen (he deserved it) but in the process they made him an underdog and everyone loves the underdog so he kept getting elected. I’m not taking a side here because like I say I don’t know the whole story. But a 3 million dollar increase in the sheriffs budget does seem excessive. Has he presented an itemized budget? So be careful that you don’t help him with all the negativity. I have seen happen. Thank you so much.

Lonnie Frye Sr.


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Yes our Sheriff has presented an itemized budget. We have so many politicians that are still holding that have admitted to crimes and get spanked on the hand and continue to so call serve the people. Alex Hodge has done nothing serve his country in the Air Force, Highway Patrol and now as Sheriff and did it well. He wants this county to be better than it is. He wants to advance this county. It seems some doesn’t want it to advance, wonder why? He is an honest and yes, a Christian man. He has answered any and all questions and has documentation to back it up, I have not found that to be so with some of the opponents or this paper. Surely our people will judge on cold hard facts. Not what your friend, brother, boss, or even the LLC says. Lord help our county this paper is an embarrassment and the way it’s editor and report has one sided reported , mostly untruths. I really to some extent feel bad for you but please be truthful and represent both sides, not just one side . In that matter how can you not say, yes we have been railroading a bit.

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