Reminiscing to my childhood days in the summertime, I recall a noteworthy family outing of gathering blackberries. Each one of us had our personal pail to work with. We tromped into the woods ready to forage plenty of blackberries. I am certain the forage would result in delicious dishes such as blackberry cobbler or cream cheese pies with blackberry topping. Think about homemade ice cream with blackberries … yum.

Trudging dutifully along, we arrived at the patch on a hot day. Instead of what is titled “a pea-picking time,” we were readying ourselves for a “blackberry-picking time.”

I hope noone noticed, but I ate about as many as I collected. I am sure the berry-stained mouth belied my intentions.

I was intent to move to another bush with bucket-in-hand. Moving along, I noticed the ground beneath my laboring feet appeared to have a large root ahead. I kept on moving then stepped upon the root. Yet the root came alive with movement. It dawned upon me that the root was a snake! I headed as fast as my feet would carry me to the hills! Needless to say, I lost interest that day in further gatherings.

But notably, I recognize that our pathways to reach destinations can have an impediment that we have to overcome.

Glenda Flynt


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