I am appalled at the condition of all of our state prisons.

I have been a supporter of Governor Bryant and realize that he will soon be out of office but his comments that the prisoners are responsible for the deaths is absurd.

The State of Mississippi is responsible for the conditions that allow prisoners to be murdered. As a very minimum the State is responsible for the safety of people that are incarcerated.

The prison system needs to be funded to operate in a safe and humane way, anything less than that is not fair to the prisoners or the guards.

The Governor and the Legislator share responsibility for the condition of our prison system.

For goodness sake, appoint someone who is capable to handle the responsibility of the job and fund the prison system to a level to insure safety of the prisoners and guards.

Allowing “Gangs” to run rampart in all the prisons is the Governor’s fault, clear and simple.

Ralph Trest


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