The Cannabis Freedom Fund has struck a blow for Cannabis Freedom in Mississippi, with “The Mississippi Cannabis Freedom Act!” The Fund efforts will bring real Cannabis opportunities never experienced before in Mississippi increasing Agriculture, Manufacturing, Banking, Medical, Research & Development, and much more ... Our goals are clear ... Legalization is priority to our efforts, so we are creating jobs, money, opportunities, relationships, and changing the State of Mississippi forever for our good! 

How can anyone be against helping Mississippians? Unto us a plant was given for food, clothing, medicine, shelter, energy, and other necessities of living ... author: Eureka Virgo Ali (1964) ... It is mankind commandments to grow our “Father” creation for food (Genesis 1:11 & 29). 

Question: Is there anybody in Laurel, Mississippi ... In Mississippi ... Offering 7500 jobs, adding $450,000,000.00 USD economic impact to Mississippi’s economies from a seed? How about the Mayor? How about the Governor? 

Neither has any answers for Cannabis Freedom, so my “Father” lead me to you ... We have answers for Cannabis Freedom, and we willing to outline our efforts, you are reading, for Mississippians seeking Cannabis Freedom for life! 

Will you join us today, and help move Mississippi forward in these efforts? We are asking for your support, while Mississippians stand at the cross roads of Cannabis Freedom. If you have questions, if you have concerns about jobs, money, opportunities, or just like more information ... Join us, we will help make it clear for you … Thank You! 

Steven Griffin


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