Roseneck, hell, Jim! You have been a full-fledged redneck since shortly after you arrived in Laurel, at least since you ran for Mayor.

You ran as a Republican when working-class democrats were conservative. Most of them were more conservative than the Rockefeller/Mayor Lindsey of New York republicans. True, we were in transition, as these conservative democrats would soon become Goldwater/Reagan democrats who would eventually become republicans.

In fact, I first met you on the streets of Laurel when I told you that you would do better in the conservative Democrat working-class sections of Laurel than you would do in the Republican-leaning elites in North Laurel. I proved to be a prophet, and we have been friends since. You were a Trumpster before Trump.

As far as your experience with a shotgun, a fellow redneck like me would have advised you to use ear protection. That is why most of us rednecks are deaf before our time. Also it is better to get a tight grip on the shotgun, holding it close to your shoulder so that the recoil rolls your shoulder back instead of giving you a sharp kick. If that doesn’t work, get an “assault” weapon which has very little recoil, but is loud as hell, and you’ll still need ear protection.

I’m sure any redneck in Jones County will be glad to instruct you in the fine art of gun shooting.

Also, congratulations, Mark Thornton, on your excellent editorial about Chris McDaniel. Here’s hoping you do editorials more often, as when you do, you elevate the editorial section by at least a million percent. You were right on every point except you assumed that Chris would defeat Wicker. Under our current election laws, thanks to the Spud who prevented Chris’s bills from being considered, we still have no party registration, therefore there is nothing to prevent every democrat in Mississippi from voting in a Republican primary for Wicker and against Chris. It will be Chris’s race against Cochran in spades.

Every reader of the LLC should email Chris at and urge him to run for Lt. Governor using the excellent reasons that you pointed out.

Carl Ford


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