Black males in Laurel — who know nothing about “real work, self-reliance, self-made men” — are using “Mamas” as springboards to catapult themselves into leadership positions in the Black community, where critical thinking and very careful examination of real public needs, served by government, are lacking. And Black, so-called, “respected” leaders, in many cases, are simply “Judas goats.” 

Now, reading the front page of Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019 LL-C, the writer sees Trey Chinn, “thumb-up,” exhibiting a Comegys’ sign.  Chinn states, “I consider Councilman Comegys as a respected man of the community. … Mr. Comegys and I spoke and I know he has the heart for helping people and wants to take things to the next level.” Unfortunately, the “level” and the “heart” are in the wrong place. District Five needs mature, sound, rock-solid leadership and representation — NOT the vision of Trey Chinn.

“The next level” is where Mr. Chinn was headed June 13, 2012, after a few months in office during a City Council meeting, when he angrily told CAO Dennis Keveryn — over a June 5, 2012 proposed contract — that he would “expletive deleted” him!!!  This is NOT dignified, upright leadership.

Black voters on Aug. 27 must not be led by two “Judas goats,” who are exploiting their mothers’ influence in the Black community. These young “Judas goats” are headed to take the Black community to “slaughter.” They have NO real life experience. Therefore, Black voters, DO NOT TAKE THE “WOODEN NICKELS!”  USE YOUR HEAD! VOTE WISELY AUG. 27!

Harvey Warren


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