I would like to say something in defense of the police officers. I have no connections to them and don’t know any officer.

When an officer is trying to make an arrest and the person resists and starts fighting any thing can happen. The officer has to make a quick decision and sometimes its wrong. It can result in a death , but that isn’t murder. The reason people are so quick to call it murder is to try to pacify the Black Lives Matter group, which is just a bunch of blacks and whites looking for an excuse to burn and loot. Most of them don’t care about the person that dies., they just want an excuse to loot. If I was one of the whites running with them I would want white lives matter too.

The decision the officer makes cost him his job and pension. I think most officers have enough training to know not to commit murder with a dozen people with cameras filming every move. Officers want to go home to their families at night just like anyone else.

This talk about defunding the police is ridiculous. We need to get rid of these mayors that want let them do their job. We have got to have a strong police force if this country is to survive.

Ott Martin 


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