I will be glad when this election is over! People are hateful, inconsiderate, ungrateful, mischievous, wicked, hurtful, degrading, and just plain ole mean! Friends that you thought were friends show how they feel about you during times like this. I hate to lose friends over an election but it seems I have and it proves what I am fixing to say. 

Being a wife to a candidate you see all of the above. It is not just towards my husband but to all the candidates, every position. My opinion for the most part is kept to myself with the exception of a close friend and my immediate family. I would never intentionally come on Facebook to dog someone out — NEVER!! Do I want to, my flesh does! But I remind myself daily ... Will it make a difference in eternity? The answer is NO! 

Election time brings out the worst in people. I knew it was bad but now I see it from both sides. I have prayed and prayed during this campaign that we as a family will not give in to the negative remarks against Macon Davis. It is hard, hard, hard!!! 

You may not want to vote for my husband for Jones County Sheriff and that is ok with me. But I really hope you do. I have said it before and I will continue to say it ... he will serve you well and is the most qualified. No he hasn’t worked full time law enforcement since the current Sheriff dismissed him when he first took office. He has however worked Part time with Soso Police Department. He may not work there every day, week or month there but that doesn’t change the experience he has in law enforcement. He has served in many capacities of law enforcement and did a super job! He has what it takes and can start day 1 if elected. He doesn’t have to be a supervisor over a shift or a business owner. He needs to be the person elected/hired by the people of Jones County to do the job YOU chose for him to do — protect AND serve! 

20 years ago when we met, he told me one day he wanted to be Sheriff. I laughed at him. Now, 19 1/2 years later he is running for that office! I am so proud of what he has accomplished in the 19 years we have been married. (We dated less than 6 months before we got married) I will stand beside him through anything! He deserves a chance to prove to the naysayers he is the RIGHT MAN for this position! Thank you for the continued support and prayers during this time. Keep them coming! We love you all! 

Shelly Davis


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