I read the letter about the lack of respect in returning buggies to their designated quarters (Sean Murphy column on April 5). It is a lack of decency and etiquette to not transport them into the proper receptacle.

I notice this is a continuous, undisciplined behavior that needs adjusting. The customers must feel that their respect to the business and to other customers stops at the fact that they have shopped there.

But courtesy goes beyond and it shows a laziness and unconcern for others. The buggies are sometimes and impediment to incomers to access a parking spot. The bumbling discourtesy is rampant throughout all the businesses’ parking areas.

A specific contention to me is the parking lot of Office Depot and the adjacent Dollar Tree. The Office Depot buggies are scattered over into the Dollar General parking area and vice-versa. There are, at every visit, no buggies for utilizing unless you search and retrieve one somewhere.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the Hospitality State of Mississippi. This dismal lack of etiquette does not equate to hospitality as being an attribute. Other states are expecting for our state to be the leader in hospitality, not to lag behind miserably.

Glenda Flynt


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