This Earth Day (Monday) let’s all work to “protect our species” (the Earth Day Network’s theme for this year’s event) by eating vegan foods rather than animal-based ones. That’s the best way to prevent mass wildlife extinction and spare cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals from pain and suffering.

The meat, egg and dairy industries use up approximately one-third of the land on Earth, reducing unique ecosystems to grazing land for animals or cropland to feed them. Researchers at Florida International University believe that the demand for meat will cause more worldwide species extinctions than all other factors, noting that, “livestock production is the single largest driver of habitat loss, and both livestock and feedstock production are increasing in developing tropical countries where the majority of biological diversity resides.”

Scientists from the Institute of Social Ecology in Vienna say that the only way to meet the expected global food demand in the year 2050 — without sacrificing any forests — is for everyone to go vegan. 

It’s also the best way to conserve water and combat climate change and other environmental problems. For more information and a free vegan starter kit, please see

Heather Moore

The PETA Foundation

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