On Dec. 2, my family and I attended the Laurel Christmas Parade like we always do. It has become a family tradition to attend the pancake day morning breakfast and enjoy a day of parades.

Just like many other families in Jones County, it’s a day we all enjoy seeing family and friends and the younger generation to be a part of what this celebration is all about. It is a time when memories are made for the younger generations to take with them and pass down to their families as one day the older generation moves on.

Unfortunately, what my family and many other families witnessed in this parade displayed by Heidelberg High School Band had nothing to do with Christmas and was very unchristian. This was a display of vulgarity, obscenity and disgusting so-called dancing. In my opinion, Heidelberg High School Band needs to be BANNED from participation.

People wonder what is wrong with the kids of today. Well, Heidelberg High School Band just answered that question. When parents are having to cover their children’s eyes when this band starts to play, you know you have a problem.

Parents, grandparents and guardians do all they can do to raise their children in a Christian way. If I wanted my kids to be exposed to this vulgarity and obscenity we could just stay at home and turned on the TV. There is plenty of it there.

As a taxpayer of Jones County and a supporters for the many new businesses of Laurel area, I am asking the mayor’s office to recognize and take immediate action. I know the Christmas parade comes once a year, but Laurel does play host to many other events throughout the year and when this type of behavior is tolerated, other events will suffer the consequences.

When you start to allow this type of behavior it opens the door for more problems. The mayor’s office has already been given notice of this situation by letter.

Ray Johnson


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