“If retired Co. Senne and his wife were active members of a big Southern Baptist church, we would of not had all this.

The sheriff and all the rest who attend have turned the church into something other than a house of worship. It’s a place to be in the “click.”

Let’s pray for the sinners out there,” the preacher says. What about all the sinners who fill the building — I won’t call it a church.

The Baptists say all there sins are forgiven — past, present and future. The sheriff knows where his votes and popularity is. The Lord Jesus Christ said the house and zeal of the church shall eat me up. He leaned and cleared the same house of worship twice that was not going as “bod of evil as some churches today, if you want to call them a church.”

The Lord God forgives. We are to forgive, too. The government should not be in the business of forgiveness. Give unto the government what is the government’s. All our government doctrines are to protect us from the government.

The government does not give me any rights. I think it’s a shame and disgrace how Col. Senne and his wife have been treated. I know J. Ronald Parrish will do all he can to clear their name. As for me, Col. Senne will always be a hero.

Handel Craft

Jones County

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