Contrary to popular opinion, the Civil War was not a holy war. Pastors, inform your congregations that the fall of the confederacy was absolutely God’s will. Heritage hoarding Christians, do not idolize confederate memorabilia and ideologies which are not founded on the word of God. 

Do not allow the left to totally corrupt words such as inclusion, diversity, and racism. True, these words are worn out, overused, ravaged, manipulated, and weaponized, but they still hold value in their true meanings. Do not allow your hatred for the left to drive you towards contaminated conservatism. Purify those conservative ideologies by first recognizing the incredible farce that was and is the confederacy. 

When will the true believers allow themselves to accept that the confederate fight was on the wrong side of right? Realizing also that there is no right side of wrong. No matter how much sugar you throw on the confederacy, it was and is still bitter and bloody as ever. 

The display of your confederate idols are reminders that blacks are merely tolerated. This land is still your land. We are simply permitted to live amongst you in peace, enjoying the fruit of our labor afforded to us by the same God who delivered the civil war into the hands of union. 

Every time we behold your confederate memorabilia, we are haunted by your silent protests. That in your hearts you are rebels. For the believers, don’t be rebellious towards the divine will and providence of our almighty God.

Kimberly Jefferson



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