Often times in life, there is at least one man and/or woman who leaves an everlasting impression on generations of children. No other tribute exemplifies such an individual as Dr. I.L. Thomas (recently deceased).

The boys of my generation, born in the late 40’s did not have any organized, community activities. Under the vision of Dr. Thomas (wife) and others, a plan and dream was born. Four Little League teams that represented different areas of town in Laurel, Miss., were organized; the Thomas Dodgers, Howard Braves, Gosha Tigers and Hales Indians. These teams were not only formed, but also funded by Dr. Thomas (wife), Mr. Howard Hughes (wife), Mr. Samuel Gosha (wife), and Mr. Nathan Hales (wife).

Whether through the Boy Scouts, civic responsibility and/or Little League baseball, Dr. I. L. Thomas and his wife gave back to the community. Little did we know and envision as boys then, that Dr. Thomas, Scout leaders and coach- es sought to create a better world through us. Dr. Thomas embraced, that the sky is grander than the sea and the spirit of human beings and their giving is greater than the sky.

Johnny F. Harper


Good Samaritans at WJ-Wayne Co. game

We would like to thank 2 people, kind people at the West Jones0Wayne County game that night. A very nice lady bought 2 tickets for my 91 year old dad. She was behind him in the ticket line. We do not know who she was, but we appreciate her kindness so much. Dad loves to go to the West Jones football games.

Also, after the game, a very nice man helped by dad up the hill to get to the vehicle. Dad has to use a cane to help him walk, and this kind man made sure he didn’t fall. They could not get into a handi- capped parking spot that night, there were so many people there.

These two kind people showed us that there are still good people who care for others in this world. Thank y’all and God bless you richly.

Sheila Holyfield

Jones County

Cegielski should have left Ben and Erin out his column

I have to disagree with the remarks made in Jim’s article about Ben and Erin Napier’s show HGTV Hometown. They should have never been put in the middle of this. Their show has nothing to do with the Greg Burroughs trial. They are trying to bring a positive light to Jones County and Laurel. His comments are degrading their show. I really hope this doesn’t have an impact on their show. This is foolishness and hog wash.

Maegan Riley


Manners are not bananas

I read the article by Mr. Warren and I agree that manners need to be taught at a formative age. Parents are not being parental if they do not infiltrate their trainable children with necessities into their accessible minds.

This needful knowledge of manners and goodwill is imperative in their journey to success. The true wealth of prosperity that id deposited into each will serve them always. To have kids grow up to be admired and beneficial to their communities is a forever reward.

It is not enough to put food into their bellies. They require spiritual teachings of hope to interact with their fellow man. We are not on an island to uyorselsves. We need our fellow man as well as they benefit from us.A mind that is not trained and disciplined is deficient.

To train children with manners is equivalent to “I love You” and “I want you to prosper.” These benefitted ones will be a reward and full of honor. They will be the salt of the earth, refreshing the earth with their radiance of spirit. The works of their hands will be blessed because of their diligence of promoting hospitality.

Glenda Flynt


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