Jerry Clower was a friend of mine, even though I never met him. I loved him from the start. I was waiting to have heart surgery laying in a bed in Hattiesburg and I looked over and saw my ex-wife lay the newspaper aside and I asked her, let me see the newspaper. She cannot hear perfect, so I asked again, nothing. May I see the newspaper, please, nothing. I gave up and started praying again.

Later I would learn after the operation as she gave me the paper that Jerry Clower had died on the table while having heart surgery. 

When Jerry first hit the market, he made a friend and I laugh while his brother was in a coffin as he had fell in Vietnam. Calvin Grafton I stood honor guard — all night.

Cousin Wiley said Mississippi was not complete until Jerry Clower came along. He put the icing on the cake. Then he took a great big slice and shared it with the world.

F. Handel Craft


P.S. There will never be another!

P.S.S. Jerry Clower came along at just the right time. Mothers and fathers were losing there sons in a war that seemed to never end. I lost three friends — yet he could make us laugh.

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