I have read about the sculptures by local artist Jason Kimes that are situated in downtown Laurel, causing disapproval by some. The opinion of those disapproving is that the sculptures are representative of slavery and racism. From my artistic viewpoint, all I recognize is that these sculptures are truly human-like and bear an astounding likeness of human framework.

I noticed Chad Edwards, Laurel resident, said that no one has ever complained about Jason’s work, except in Laurel, Miss, his own hometown. He was disheartened by the discordant viewpoint. Instantly, the recollection dawned into my thoughts of when Jesus commented that truly a prophet isn’t always welcome in his own town. So he said not to think it odd about some disapproval.

Knowing of Jason, I believe his heart is one of benevolence, intending to use the gift the Lord gave him to do beautification and projects of kindness.

Glenda Flynt


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