I’m so proud of what The Laurel Leader Call is doing about the Sinclair-Burroughs Case. The law enforcement was not looking for evidence of wrong doing in this case. But after the LLC got on board the law had to become an investigator and look for evidence.

Now it is important that we do not go to court with “we think this is what happened” but get all the evidence we can find and present it to the jury. No matter what we think about the case, Burroughs needs to have a fair trial. This may turn out that there is not enough evidence to convict Burroughs on. If the law looks at all the facts and cannot produce a guilty verdict, at least they will have looked at all the facts. Do not come with a verdict that is not supported with facts.

In the past “The Good Old Boys of Jones County” did not look for evidence, they just romanced the jury to produce a verdict that suited them. This kind of justice has been going on for years.

Let’s start with the Willie Magee case in the ’40’s and ’50’s. Magee, a black man, was found guilty of raping a white woman on no facts. This was a racial case and the, “good old Boys of Jones County” wanted make a statement that blacks has no business having an afair with a white woman. They put Willie Magee to death in the Electric Chair on the steps of the Jones County Court House.

A few years back a young man was convicted of killing a small child. He was tried in Jones Co. for capital murder. I went to this trial but seen no evidence of this. What I did see was a woman, the little girls mother, be deported before the trial. This woman lied to the investigator about seeing the little girl that morning before going to work and then reversed her statement to the Doctors in Jackson at the hospital. The mother should have been tried with manslaughter. The boyfriend at least took the little girl to the hospital. This was a political trial. Parrish was running for Judge against Landrum.

Another trial was about 2 17 year olds for killing Timothy Williamson. I also went to this trial. I know Timothy and let me tell you these two young boys could no way overcome this man and kill him by their selves. The law did not look at what they should have. One of the boys mother and a friend should have been checked on. I believe these two 17 year old boys took the blame for the Mother and her friend.

Timothy was a gang member and had rescently dropped out of the gang. This is a no no in prison gangs. That is what the murder was all about, dishonor to a gang.

One more case. I saved this one for last because it is a big part of my life. My son in 2006 was charged for murdering Bill and Anita Kitchens in Jones Co. If you had gone to this trial you would have seen no evidence that he killed anyone. This was a “we think this happened this way” trial. The evidence presented by “The Good old Boys” showed he was in Louisiana. When this happened his phone, his computer and surveillance tapes showed him in Louisiana. The Jones Co. Sheriffs Dept. got surveillance tapes of him buying clothes in Denham Springs, La., shoes in Baton Rouge, La.

The Jones Co. Sheriffs Dept. and the DA’s office never looked at the surveillance tapes from the motel he was staying at, never talked to the 3 truck drivers who called 911 and the saw the S.U.V. that was involved in dropping off the Kitchens’ car. They never looked at his computer, never checked the milage on his S.U.V. This would have shown the same milage as the G.P.S. on his computer. Most of all they took his daughters statement and swept it under the rug and forgot about it. She seen the whole killing. Her statement was: Mom hit grandpa in the face and made him bleed, a monster drug grandpa to the car, there was a woman there that had black skin, and my daddy was not there.

It looks like in the past the “Jones Co. good old Boys” always won. Maybe the Laurel Leader-Call will stop that.

Everyone should have this slogan on top of their list. “It is better to let ten guilty people walk than to convict one innocent person.”

Larry Blakeney


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