In August, I had an outline to write to you about items that should be of grave concern to you, Christians, and all American citizens. Then, you published letters from Terry Tullos, Otto Wansley, and B.J. Anderson on Aug. 15, 2020. They followed my outline but I can not match their perfect statements. 

Therefore, I am requesting that you republish their letters several times more.

Mr. Tullos’ reasons to return Trump to the White House are because neither Biden nor our nation will survive without Trump.

Mr. Wansley’s statements about the “In God We Trust” flags would make our beliefs known nationwide and worldwide.

Mr. Anderson gave all the things we should be to make life matter. Then, he said our government did all of us a grave injustice when they banned Bible reading and prayer in our schools and in public. About Year 2014, a school district in North Mississippi spent almost $1 million fighting this and lost. We can not allow one Muslim B*T*H to take God away from us.

Remember, if you are not willing to give your life for your God and nation, you are worthless to both.

Russell Leroy Hamilton


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