It is high time that our criminal justice process recognizes the rights of victims as they do the rights of the accused. Today, many of us are left feeling like we are secondary, and that has to change. 

In 2002, I was shot by my ex-boyfriend, who had broken into my home. I was lucky to survive, but the bullet is still lodged in my spine, leaving me wheelchair-bound for life. While I was physically and emotionally healing, I was revictimized by the system. I was not informed of my rights; I had no voice in the process; and I felt hopeless. 

Marsy’s Law for Mississippi will make a change for crime victims, like me. It is so important that victims are informed of what is happening and are given the opportunity to be heard. Marsy’s Law will change this for crime victims by giving us a constitutional right to be informed and involved in the process. I plead with our legislators to vote YES on Marsy’s Law – for victims like me.

Ishaunna Bettis-Gully


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