In the newspaper ads, commercials on the radio and TV, by circulars in the mail, we will soon be deluged with the following or something very similar:

BIG Memorial Day Sale! Warehouse Is Stocked and Ready for Your Home; “Memorial Day SALE plus EXTRA 15% OFF when you use your store card”; “Memorial Day 1/2 Price Sale on Mattresses!”; “Memorial Day PIANO SALE”; and perhaps the worst: “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! UNBELIEVABLE! STOREWIDE SAVINGS! JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND!” 

And the flag of the United States of America will be displayed in some manner on each ad or flying from every antenna on every car in every car lot, and just about everywhere else a store can put one; in total disregard for United States Public Law which prohibits its use in advertising or the placing of words over or on it.  Note to merchants and others: Display of one flag is patriotism, two or more is advertising!

There will be, most likely, in NONE of the ads or commercials any mention of the actual purpose of, or meaning behind, Memorial Day.

As noted, we will also be subjected to the many “Happy Memorial Day” salutations of people who have no concept of what this day is!  Would they like it if someone said “Happy Your Grandmother/Mother/Father Is Dead Day?”

The shame is that much of the nation will be too busy with other what they consider to be “pressing matters,” such as anything and everything, except taking the time to honor to those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. If ever there was a day when the country should call a time out on fun and self-indulgent distractions and devote some serious time to a solemn observance, it’s Memorial Day.

To devote one day to the respect and honor of the American men and women who have “given their all” should not be asking too much. But, evidently it is. Otherwise, why will the malls, stores, auto showrooms and some offices be open for business “as usual” on Memorial Day?

When you see a veteran this Memorial Day weekend don’t say “Happy Memorial Day” simply say, “Thank you for my freedom.” Visit a military cemetery or attend a Memorial Day ceremony with your children, and be prayerfully thankful that someone was willing to fight and die so that you and your family might live in freedom in this, the greatest land the world has ever known.

What did you do last Memorial Day? What will you do this Memorial Day?

LTC John C. Cox, (Ret) 

U.S. Army


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