While visiting Laurel Tuesday, I read Charlie Mitchell’s opinion article on Sen. Wicker singing praises of Trump in the April 17 Laurel Leader Call.

It was above your journalistic colleague Daniel Gardner’s piece on Destroying a Presidency, which contained more truth.

It appears (Charlie Mitchell) has drunk the cool aid of “shamestream media” campaign against Trump.

Concerned with the media’s blitz against Trump, I studied what he is doing as our Commander in Chief.

The voter mandate is that he drain the swamp of embedded politicians of all parties in Congress, improve execution and results with the trillions of dollars spent with our tax money, and hold the media accountable for delivering unbalanced and unproven (fake) news.

I recommend you read and study every one of Trump’s Executive Orders.

Then you will perhaps realize that:

1. He gives credible directions to his Administration’s executives.

2. As any capable chief executive, he expects results will find someone else to do what he asked if the one in the job is not measuring up.

3. His chief executive persona contrasts with his media taunting persona for good reason: he continues to call the mout for their despicable behavior.

4. He calls out members of Congress or any others who put emotion and rumor before fact, and political gain over doing what the people want.

Please do a bit of journalistic introspection on the difference between real journalism and fake news when you write your next piece.

Skip Cameron


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