After reading the Saturday, Sept. 15, front-page story about the duck assaulting the Laurel Police Officer, along with various additional offenses, during an incident on I-59, I find myself troubled and sincerely concerned. Upon the revelation that no charges were expected to be filed, I have to wonder about how the case is being handled. After all the publicity in the Laurel Leader-Call in recent months regarding alleged “selective enforcement of the law” upon some “special” members of the local population, it seems to appear that this might be a case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

I am an avid supporter of local law enforcement, along with being adamantly opposed to parents not looking out for the best interest of those they have brought into the world. Something as serious as assaulting a police officer, in addition to potentially endangering one’s children should never be simply brushed off by those in charge of keeping the population safe.

I would encourage some good, old-fashioned investigative reporting to ensure that special treatment is not being bestowed upon yet another law-breaker in our quaint little Home Town.

Another seeming inconsistency in the application of the law, but you shouldn’t let it ruffle your tail feathers.

At least this time the suspect’s picture did get into the newspaper. Maybe progress is being made.

Fred Pittman


Concerned for the Animal Rescue League

I read with concern a recent newspaper about the possible imminent closure of the Laurel Rescue League’s facility due to lack of funds. This is disconcerting and should be supported by every member of the community.

The Laurel Jaycees started this project several years ago with fundraisers and a generation donation from Mr. Robert H

I would ask all that will to send a donation in memory of my husband Marshall J. Rahaim, who was a devoted member of the Laurel Jaycees and a dedicated member of this community. People still tell me how much they miss him and appreciate all that he did in the community.

Marshall’s birthday was Sept. 12 and date of death was Sept. 18, 1982. He would have been 80 years old today and died a young man at 44.

I feel this would be a fitting tribute to honor him and also continue a much needed facility.

Gretchen B. Rahaim


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