Editor’s note: The mother of shooting victim Katherine Sinclair wrote this in response to a letter by ex-City Attorney David Ratcliff: 

As Katherine’s mother, I like (Ratcliff’s)  letter? It seems to be written by a disgruntled reader of the Laurel Leader Call. All he wanted to do was give his personal opinion on how he thinks my daughter died by a bullet in the back of the head and how he hopes it was an accident. 

That was very nice of that man to tell the editor and every subscriber to the LLC his personal opinion. It meant alot to me and my family. And for Katherine to be mentioned in the same letter as Donald Trump is very stupendous or STUPIDious (sorry I am not sure of the spelling). 

I feel as if this great author did EVERYONE a huge favor in writing this well put together letter. I could tell every word was very carefully selected. I don’t know who this man is but it is so nice to read a nice letter like this, Especially because I don’t get many letters anymore. I don’t get many phone calls or texts either. I am so glad this man has friends because everyone deserves a friend. 

I don’t have many friends, I have I guess you could say acquaintances. You see, it’s all my fault. Starting around two years ago I quit returning calls, letters, and texts and on a good day, I might even answer the door. Guess I’m just happy for this friendly man to have friends and opinions like he does. 

I know it must really come in handy all year, especially around the holidays. I hope he has a nice Thanksgiving. I hope he has a lot to be thankful for, I used to be thankful, used to be.  I hope he has a very merry Christmas and he is surrounded by his family and friends and the laughter of little ones. Merry Christmas.

Madeline McClain 



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