Recently, the Ridgerunners Enduro Team hosted the 2017 Tiger Creek Enduro, an off-road motorcycle competition event, in the peaceful and serene Desoto National Forest near Ovett. With the cooperation and support of the U.S. Forest Service, the club has been promoting similar events on the Chickasawhay District going back to the late 1970’s. Literally thousands of dirt-bike riders, along with family members, friends and support crew members have come from across the Southeast to the Pine Belt to enjoy these events through the years. I am proud to have been involved in quite a number of the events, both as a competitor and in helping with the logistics of hosting.

On behalf of the Ridgerunners Enduro Team and the good people who enjoyed a near-perfect weekend of off-road riding and good-spirited competition, I extend our sincere appreciation to Chickasawhay District Ranger Steve Lee and the members of his staff who made the enduro possible. Also, to the local citizenry and businesses who accommodated our needs for fuel, food and lodging for the “out of towners” who came for the event, we hope the economic contribution will serve as a small token of our appreciation for the hospitality.

I feel relatively certain that I speak for the vast majority of the Southern Enduro Riders Association when I say we already look forward to next year and many more to come.

Fred Pittman

S.E.R.A. Charter Life Member


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