Yes, I am a rebel, 200 years too late.

Let me tell you something, my Yankee friend, it ain’t got nothing to do with “hate.” It’s all about what’s “right” and what’s “wrong.”

Thought I would put it all together and say it to you in this song:

This nation was set up to have states’ rights.

Not a central government “given all the might.”

Northern aggression started the war, my friend.

I can still smell the smoke of a war with no end.

If you will study the facts real good of what really took place.

The South is not the one trying to save face.

We have nothing to be ashamed of, or apologize to anyone.

No more than we need to apologize to the “rising sun.”

After my generation is gone with the wind.

We will have a nation of people who won’t know where the truth stops and the lies begin.

F. Handel Craft

Jones County

PS: Cousin Wiley said, “It’s not about the statues and monuments and our state flag. And it won’t stop when they’re gone. They want to change our constitution of the United States of America. I also believe from what I’ve studied, the South was  in the right to go to war — under the same constitution.

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