I was very impressed with how Jim Cegielski described the mainstream media. But the masses of people believe these “voices of authority.” I don’t know how this can change. Even the so-called intelligent types believe only what they want to believe. Despite this I will keep on a calm course and get by. I am almost 70 years old, joined the USMC in 1968 when the mainstream media pushed for hate of anyone in the military. Yes it is hard to see this big media and universities destroying our heritage & truth, but it is all out of the leftist Communist playbook. 

Thanks for what you do. It takes a strong constitution to stay steady. I’ll never give in to these “intelligentsia”-the smug, arrogant, egotistical. Kids should learn that the mass media invents their reality other than what they learn at home. For so many it is “Democrat good, anything else bad.” And wow, do these leftists hate and get angry.  I stay away from them but I never give in. The have no integrity.

Know this please — most of us New Yorkers away from NY City are on your side. NY City is a different (false) reality.   


Dennis Sullivan

Retired GP USMC Lcpl 68-71

Natural Bridge, NY


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