There will be many people in church this Sunday who are members of there church. Some have positions in the church. What I’m about to say now may hurt and may not, depends on what shape your soul is in. “If a person votes for a Democrat for a national office you are supporting abortion. By backing abortion with your vote, you have blood on your hands.” 

As your singing the beautiful gospel songs look and see if your getting blood on the pages of the songbook. Keyboard players look and see if your getting blood on the keys.

Cousin Wiley said: We have reached the point in America where they are no “moral absolutes.”

P.S. “The Lord Jesus Christ Said” anyone and all can be forgiven of there sins. That don’t mean you can go on doing the same thing that’s wrong. “There must be a pivotal turning point.”

P.S.S Cousin Wiley said: “Let it go on record that Cousin WiHandel and I believe life begins at conception.

F Handel Craft

Shady Grove

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