“I say hey, Stop That!!

That old feeble man that you’re snickering at,

Well now, he’s seen his better days.

In fact for this freedom you enjoy

the likes of him had to pay.

So, you better grow up son,

For one day you might have to tote your gun.

For that glorious flag you see does not fly by itself

and without freedom what else is left.

So I’ll proudly shake his hand

For he earned his freedom in this great land.

Yes, to me, he is a hero-That’s Col. Senne -Don’t you know?”

I’m calling on all who vote to vote Alex Hodge out of office. The way he treated Col. Senne and his wife is enough. I voted for Alex Hodge-But he has changed — for the worse. Enough is Enough!

F. Handel Craft


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