Once in a while there is a TV program asking for support for our wounded veterans, with pictures, of our wounded military men and women.

They are pictured with out legs and arms. Some with one arm or leg and others with both arms or legs missing. And these brave men and women with missing limbs seem to be taking on life, in a positive way, as best they can.

They participate in sports, with other wounded and try to make the best, with what they have left.

Many of we Americans don’t realize that we are still at war around the world and many of our brave men and women are being killed and wounded. Unless you live in an area where there is a military base, you may never see our military personnel.

But when you see them, with out limbs, it should touch your heart and thank them for their service. After all, they all volunteered to serve and go to battle and risk their lives for the rest of us.

They have volunteered to join the military with the risk of never returning alive. Many are brought back in body bags and others return with out limbs. Our military hospitals are full of our wounded service personnel, many of which will never be the same.

Yes, I served for a few years my self and at times, I feel guilty that I came home in one piece when I see these brothers and sisters who were not so lucky.

We should all pray for those in service who volunteered to take the battle over seas to protect our freedom and way of life. Yes we should all pray for the safety of all our service men and women.

It burns my my heart to see our young people demonstrate and protesting our American way of life with burning our flag, with no respect for our military or our President.

Yes, They All Volunteered!

Fenton Koehler 


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